How To's

I decide to try one of the different Fedora 17 Spins today and I was again faced with getting the guest additions added. Getting the additions installed is not hard, but when I don't do someting with regularity, I don't always remember how to do it. So I decided to write a quick How To, because I'm sure I'll be doing this again.


The Google repository to install Google Chrome does not come with Fedora installations.


Files that are created in Microsoft Windows have a ^M at the end of a line.


I've gotten vsftp to run on a few different instances of linux with little to no effort. Today, I was trying to get it to work on my EC2 Linux instance and had some trouble. I was using Filezilla to connect to my instance. It would connect, authenticate, but simply refused to get a directory listing. I tried specifying the Transfer Mode of Active and Passive, but no luck.


When you launch your EC2 instance, you will be asked to specify a Security Group. You can specify one or more groups. I have one group which I use for public access and one that I use to specify behavoir for my home office. You may want to create groups for different locations.