I have nearly 30 years of experience developing applications. I worked 25 years for newspapers. I spent 19 years working for a daily newspaper. While there, I implemented their first PC network, begining with Novell and eventually moving to a complete Windows environment. While working as a network administrator, I still found time to do application development.

With Y2K coming, the paper was looking to replace their aging Ad Tracking system. I took the challenge to create a system that intergrated with the paper's order entry system, ad layout system and editorial system. After six months of development, the system was ready to go live in January 1999. With the system in place and stable, it was time to make the system more robust. I developed an extension for Quark Xpress, so that the system could track what the designer was doing with the artwork.

Now that Y2K was behind the paper, it was time for the paper to focus on its website. The paper upgraded the editorial software, but the web interface in the system was lacking. Again, I took up the challenge of writting software to extract the content from the editorial system and move it to the web. The first version consisted of extracting the data and creating static pages. This allowed for all the editorial content to be placed online with no user action. I then began developing a CMS system to handle the content. Now the content from the system was able to be moved from the editorial system to a CMS system without user action.

I then went to a weekly newspaper and worked on creating a open source CMS system. The system was based on the paper's successful model of delivering news.

I now work on developing applications for a government website. In my pasttime, I have developed my own CMS which I use to power multiple websites. The CMS system supports multiple post types and has the ability of users to post types.