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It seems every other week we hear of another data breach where usernames and passwords along with outher sensitive data is taken. When sites username and passwords are compromised, what do we all do? We go and change our passwords. There has to be a way that two sites can store the same password for a user so that they are not stored same way.


I've finally decided to update to Fedora 17. My development machine is a Windows 7 box, but I much prefer to develop on a Linux box. I run Oracle's VirturalBox. One of the reasons I like to use VirtualBox, is you can create a new virtual machine, install the OS and while you are tweaking your new machine, you still have your old instance available to you.


One of the tricks is keeping your development and production configuration separate. Usually the development and production environment file locations are different, the connection to you payment server will be different, database server connections will be different, so how do you keep the from updating the production environment with your development settings?


Well, I figured I would add blog. From time to time, I'll comment on things in technology that I find interesting.


I am please to annouce that the Rayware Software website is now live. The site is powered by Rayware CMS. The software was developed to be a flexible system and is being used to drive multiple sites.